DC Wedding Photographers
23.12.2016 13:19

How to choose a photographer for your wedding in Washington DC.

Wedding is such an important event in a couples life. We spend nearly a year preparing to, we consider every detail, from the venue, where the celebration will take place, to what the bride-to-be will be wearing on the big day. We spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on this once-in-a-lifetime event, however, if we don't get a professional photographer to capture all these precious fleeting moments, it's fair to say, the entire effort was wasted. No one is going to remember much of the event, and you cannot really portray the beauty of a dress 20 years later. This is why, one of the top priorities on your list must be booking a highly professional, experience wedding photographer, and do it way, way in advance to make sure you have a variety of professionals to choose from. Nothing can be more frustrating, than realizing you are too late to book a photographer you wanted, and there is no way on earth to get him to your wedding. What do you need to consider, when choosing a wedding photographer in Washing DC? 1. Ask to see his portfolio. You will either fall in love with his previous works, or will be indifferent. Choose with your heart, as this is going to be an emotional event to remember. You would want a person who can connect with your personal style and taste. 

2. Ask about the equipment he will be using. Not all photographers are equal, when it comes to hardware they are armed with. Some big names will charge a lot extra, only because they have celebrities in their portfolio, but others could be cheaper or more expensive, depending on the cameras and lightening equipment they use. While the specs may not tell you all that much, you would probably prefer a person who has plenty of equipment to work with.

3. Price. In the end of the day, this is a deciding factor, because lets be honest, Washington DC is not a cheap place to find professionals at. You cannot book a photographer whose hourly rate is way beyond your means. I hope this quick overview was helpful, if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding in Washington DC. In anyway, congratulations on getting married!

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